Install Node.js and NPM on Windows Operating System

Windows Operating System

In this article, you will learn how to install Node.js and NPM on a Windows Operating System. Follow this tutorial step-by-step to reach a successful installation of Node.js and NPM on your window OS.

What is Node.js

Node.js is a run-time workplace that includes everything you need to execute a JavaScript program. You can use Node.js to run scripts on the server so you can render content before being sent to the web browser.

What is NPM?

Stand for Node Package Manager, NPM is a repository for developing and sharing JavaScript code among a team of developers.

Install Node.js and npm on Windows OS

To beginĀ  the installation process, go to the URL Download | Node.js ( and click on the Windows Installer button as shown below:

After the download process is finished, open the installer and follow on-screen instructions (Accepting the Term in the license agreement, choosing the destination folder). Once you reach the screen below, check the checkbox to automatically installed the required tools for Node.js to run correctly.


Click next, then finish to start Node.js installation.


Note: You need administrative privileges to install Node.js and NPM on your computer


Some of the tools that will be installed on your computer:

  • chocolatey-dotnetfx.extension v1.0.1
  • kb3033929 v1.0.5
  • visualstudio2019buildtools v16.11.15.0
  • python3 v3.10.5
  • chocolatey-windowsupdate.extension v1.0.4
  • vcredist140 v14.32.31326
  • kb2999226 v1.0.20181019
  • visualstudio-installer v2.0.3
  • kb2919355 v1.0.20160915
  • chocolatey-core.extension v1.4.0
  • kb2919442 v1.0.20160915
  • chocolatey-visualstudio.extension v1.10.2
  • vcredist2015 v14.0.24215.20170201
  • chocolatey-compatibility.extension v1.0.0
  • dotnetfx v4.8.0.20220524
  • visualstudio2019-workload-vctools v1.0.1
  • kb3035131 v1.0.3
  • python v3.10.5

After the installed process is finished, open the Command Prompt and type node -v. If the node was appropriately installed, the command prompt should list its version


You can do the same to verify npm installation:


Now your computer should be ready to start your journey with Node.js development! Visit this page if you like to learn Node.js as a beginner.


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