How to Pick Outdoor Furniture

Cozy outdoor living makes for a refreshing escape from everyday interior living. A stunning yard can be the bright spot on an otherwise gloomy day! This article tells everything from selecting great quality pieces to fabulous design ideas!

Selecting the Perfect Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor furniture industry is bursting to the seams with varieties in every shape, size, color, texture, and what-have-you. It takes a trained eye to spot exceptional pieces and identify not-so-great ones. Plus, it can get overwhelming quickly, especially when you shop without a plan. But worry not; these tips will ensure you go home with nothing but functional, delightful, and spectacular pieces. Let’s dive in!

1. Take Stock of the Weather

Do you live in a rain or heat-prone environment? Is the sun hot enough to bake pizza, or is the rain relentless? Is the weather temperamental or predictable? You must address these questions before shopping because weather exposure can mar the longevity or quality of your favorite sofa or lounge chair. Hot and dry environments translate to cracked wood and jagged edges, unforgiving moisture invites rot and rust, and angry winds can displace your treasured aluminum furniture. Iron might resist the most cantankerous winds, but it has no chance against salty air. And what about sun exposure? That’s probably the absolute worst! The sun is relentless against fabric, paint, plastic, and other natural and synthetic materials.

Prolonged exposure typically leads to bleached colors, dull-looking furniture, degraded plastic, and whatnot. As such, it is important to buy furniture that can withstand specific weather conditions. Look out for sturdy elements and a quality finish. Plastic and rubber materials are easy prey for UV damage, but metal isn’t. Rattan-crafted furniture holds up fairly well against the sun, but you’d have to err on the side of caution. Some furniture pieces are rated weatherproof or moisture-resistant for outdoor use, and you can opt for those if it rains, like clockwork where you reside.

2. Consider Space and Layout

Imagine how heartbreaking it will be to buy a piece of beautiful furniture that isn’t well-fitted to your space! To avoid this mishap, measure or gauge your area before shopping. Determine how large or small your patio, deck, or yard is and the shape ( whether broad or narrow).

Grab a pen and paper and sketch out the layout of the space. Use tape to measure the dimensions and note this down. Hence, when you get to the market, you can choose furniture pieces that align with the measurements and spare the heartbreak. Also, you shouldn’t select sizes that are the same as the size of your space. Choose a few sizes larger to make room for mobility. You don’t want to squeeze yourself into a ball each time you are outdoors.

3. Prioritize Comfort

Outdoor furniture should be nothing short of “relaxing.” The pieces you choose should reflect maximum comfort; otherwise, the purpose will be defeated, leaving you with visually-arresting furniture with zero functional value. Be it chaise lounges, sofas, recliners, coffee tables, or rugs, ensure each piece is comfortable enough for days. Get hammocks for days you want to stretch out and enjoy cool summer evenings.

You should also get plump cushions for your chairs to enhance their comfort level and other accessories that maximize comfort and relaxation. A good rule of thumb is to test furniture at the store before bringing it home. But if you are ordering online, where physical tests are next to impossible, read customer reviews and product descriptions.

4. Identify a Designated Spot

Heading out to buy furniture before determining a designated spot is a huge mistake. This goes in line with space measurements and weather considerations. If you don’t have a shelter for the prospective furniture, there’s no way you’d buy the right size or the best ones that conform to your location’s weather.

Also, you need to determine if the furniture will lay on hard floors, grass, or floor mats so that you can select the right materials and textures. Pine-based furniture, for instance, is best placed on protective coverings to keep moisture or rot at bay; the same goes for some metal-based furniture. Hence, ponder your options and placement carefully to ensure the quality and longevity of your outdoor furniture.

5. Budgeting is Key

Outdoor furniture is sold at different prices depending on the quality and other factors. Understand that the price tag of a certain chair or rug may reflect something other than its quality or usability. Sometimes, the most expensive furniture could be better, and the cheapest can exceed your expectations.

So don’t be pressured into buying something way above or below your budget because it looks good and expensive or cheap and sturdy. Draft a budget and stick to it. Look out for pieces per the recommendations above, and you will go home smiling and satisfied!

Trendy and Chic Styling Ideas for Outdoor Furniture

Now that you’ve established the do’s and don’ts of outdoor furniture purchase, it is time to consider the next most important detail: Styling! Listen, you want your outdoor space to speak and ooze class, elegance, and allure. Creating a cozy and refreshing patio, deck or yard is critical to everlasting bliss.

Once your outdoor space is spick and span, you can spend hot summer days or chilly winter evenings without compromising personal comfort. A stunning space where you can host entertaining al fresco evenings or fun-filled cookouts with friends and loved ones. On that note, here are some hard-to-resist fun and functional outdoor furniture styling ideas for your pleasure:

Sectional Sofas are to die for

Nothing screams sleek and stylish like a well-structured sectional sofa! This fantastic furniture piece combines comfort and poise for a well-rounded space. With a sectional sofa, you’d have minimal need for a hammock or daybed and host to your heart’s content. Yes, these sofas are large enough to accommodate several people at a time without sacrificing quality.

Plus, you can stretch out and relax with a delicious sundae on a sweltering hot day. And oh, it can double as a sitting and dining area, so you don’t have to move locations when the occasion calls. It doesn’t end there; outdoor sectional sofas are often designed with storage options, so you can arrange and rearrange them as you see fit!

Make Space for a Bistro Table

We want Instagram-worthy pictures while enjoying a mid-morning coffee or brunch. What should you do? Get a bistro table with complementary chairs to enjoy sunny breakfasts or evening mocktails.

You can substitute dining sets for their bistro counterparts if you are short on space. Bistro and bar sets pair beautifully together and showcase exquisite French craftsmanship and quality. They come in different colors and designs, so you can easily choose one that complements your existing scheme.

Leave Room for a Pretty Corner

Just as interior spaces have reading nooks and the like, your outdoor space deserves a cozy spot where you can sit and devour a book or two. A few lightweight individual chairs can do the trick. Plus, you can move them from spot to spot with little effort or use them as extra seating indoors or outdoors.

Rattan, beach, aluminum deck, sling, swing, and folding chairs rank high in this category. Add an overhead floral wreath, cushions, and lanterns for a Pinterest-worthy look. Play around with the design until you create something that reflects your personality and desired vibe!

Dining Sets are Non-debatable

You can’t have an outdoor space without culinary touches and eating accessories. For good measure, some outdoor patios even incorporate a sizeable kitchen or a fancy barbecue grill. But nothing beats the necessity and functionality of dining sets. Though you can choose to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner in your sitting area, it doesn’t compare to the feel and comfort of dining tables and chairs.

And, of course, the options are endless; you are sure to find circular tables, bench seats, armchairs, dining/sofa integrated sets, and lots more. There are also Scandinavian, minimalist, rustic, and contemporary designs, and you only need to buy the one that steals your heart.

Luxury or Not-so-Luxury Rugs are in Vogue

From fluffy sheepskin rugs to area rugs to patio rugs, a superior-quality carpet can make all the difference. You don’t have to buy luxury rugs to make your outdoor space stand out; affordable varieties are just as good. To replicate the living room effect, you can use outdoor rugs under sectionals or sofas.

Or you can leverage their textural application for added visual interest. Rugs with geometric patterns exude a Bohemian vibe, blue-hued rugs bring an oceanic vibe, neutrals can downplay an overly vibrant theme, while warm colors and pastels can tie the whole look together.

In a Nutshell

Choosing and styling outdoor furniture is a piece of cake, provided you follow this guide. Adorn your yard, patio, deck, or balcony with sectional sofas, dining sets, bistro tables, hammocks, daybeds, and armchairs. Prioritize structure, comfort, dimensions, aesthetics, and functionality when buying outdoor furniture. Also, you should work with a budget so you won’t splurge for the wrong reasons. That said, get shopping and styling!


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