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Learn C++ Programming Language

C++ is a popular programming language developed in 1979 by Bjame Stroustrup. Since then, it has been adopted by many programmers and engineers to build the world’s best software and enterprise solutions. Railroad controllers, air traffic controllers, and mail distribution systems are some of the software built using C++.

Is this course to you?

This course will teach you how to write, test, and debug C++ computer programs. This course is designed for students who have little to no programming experience.

    Why should you learn C++?

    If you are serious about being a software developer, you cannot skip that C++ is one of the top programming languages you should learn first. C++ is easy and fun to learn, yet a powerful tool that will take your career to the next level. Here are some reasons learning C++ is an excellent investment for a beginner programmer.

    • C++ is a popular programming language that will open the door for you to the programming world.
    • Top companies like Google, Facebook, and Netflix offer high salaries to attract talented C++ developers.
    • C++ has better memory management than C as it allocates memory dynamically during an application’s runtime.
    • C++ can be deployed on different platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and IOS.
    • As a result of its performance, C++ is used to create various software, including desktop applications, operating systems, browsers, and games.
    • Learning other programming languages, like Java, Python, etc., will be much simpler after mastery of C++.
    • Understanding a computer’s internal architecture and how it stores and retrieves information is made easier with the help of C++.
    • You can easily make five figures if you are a good C++ programmer.
    • C++ is an object-oriented programming language, meaning developers can better maintain their code by creating well-structured and reusable code.
    • In addition to the above, C++ was used to develop the world’s famous software well-known worldwide, such as IOS, Google Chrome web browser, Youtube backbone processes, MS Windows OS, Amazon services, and much more!

    How can you master C++?

    • This course offers detailed C++ instructions, examples, and references to put you on track to mastering C++.
    • Practice creating C++ programs for any idea you can think of.
    • Study C++ best practices and software engineering.
    • Join open-source projects on Github and study other developers’ code.

    C++  Recommended Books

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