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Learn C Programming Language

In 1972, C Programming Language was created by Dennis Ritchie which he later used to develop the UNIX OS at the Bell Laboratories. C is a procedural programming language that doesn’t support objects and classes. The most popular professional popular Operations Systems (Windows, Linux, UNIX ), Databases (RDBMS MySQL), and Language Compilers (BDS, Clang, GCC, Lattice, Visual Express) were developed using C Programming Language.

Why learn C?

There are several functional programming languages that are used to write advanced applications nowadays. Here comes a question why learn a procedural programming language. C has different motivations like:

  • C is effortless to understand.
  • C is as fast as compared to numerous other programming languages. That’s why as speedy as the assembly language code.
  • C is cross-platform. It doesn’t depend on the platform. For instance, we make a code on an operating system and replicate the same code on another OS without modifying it. Then the code will produce the same result after compiling.
  • C can handle low-level activities. It is the middle-level language and therefore considered the best choice for writing kernel and driver scripts.
  • C has encouraged many other developed programming languages. For example, Python uses C. Being a procedural language, C doesn’t support objects and classes. It signifies you can concentrate better on C’s libraries, especially at the OS level.

What will you learn in this course?

In this course you will learn the basics of programming in C, such as data types, variables, loops, and if operators. You will also learn about arrays and memory management.

At the end of this course, you will find yourself familiar with the C programming language. The next step is to start to practice writing some programs to get used to the language. Also, search this site for some of the advanced topics in the C programming language if you want to learn some advanced cool stuff

C Recommended Books

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