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Discreet math is one of many branches in mathematics that deal with discrete objects and involves distinct values. The study of algorithms and their implementations is one of the most covered topics in discrete mathematics.

Discreet math is the math of computer science and computing simulations. It’s essential to understand decreet math if you seek a degree in computer science or related fields. Learning decreet math is essential for many young software developers to move their careers to the next level; Most of the interviews of the big tech companies are based on discreet math and algorithms implementations.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Lesson 1: Set Theory
  • Lesson 2: Functions
  • Lesson 3: Relations
  • Lesson 4: Sequences and Summations
  • Lesson 5: Logarithms
  • Lesson 6: Other Functions
  • Lesson 7: Type of Proofs
  • Lesson 8: Future Learning