The Best Parapsychology Bachelor’s Degree Online Program

Parapsychology is an exciting discipline that is rapidly growing in popularity. The field explores many of the brain’s experiences that traditional psychology programs have not sufficiently understood. Let’s take a broader look at this discipline and how to find the best parapsychology degrees online.

Parapsychology Bachelor’s Degree Online

While parapsychology is not a new area of science, it is rapidly developing. Thus, finding degree programs in parapsychology may take a bit more work than looking for those in disciplines that have been prevalent for hundreds of years.

However, there are great parapsychology online programs to obtain your bachelor’s degree. Many people prefer to pursue this field through online learning due to the convenience of organizing courses around their schedule or not having to travel to a university for studies. If you want to learn more about how to get a parapsychology bachelor’s degree online, we will cover where to study and what to look for.

List of Parapsychology Degrees Online

The following is a list of the different institutions where you can earn your bachelor’s degree in parapsychology online from the convenience of your computer.

Bachelor in Parapsychology Programs – Curriculum

The name parapsychology is derived from a combination of the terms paranormal and psychology. Thus, a standard curriculum in a parapsychology program will allow students to begin the exploration of observed phenomena that conventional scientific methods cannot explain.
A parapsychology curriculum begins with a foundation of the history behind unexplainable mental phenomena. This typically branches out into discussions of critiques of parapsychology and its niche as a minor within the broader scope of psychology.

As students begin to master foundational concepts, they typically start to examine several subtopics in depth. Specifically, parapsychology focuses on five distinct specialty areas: clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, survival studies, and telepathy. These topics are typically examined in detail as part of the curriculum.

Bachelor in Parapsychology Programs – Courses

One of the most common questions people have when pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in parapsychology is the types of courses they will be taking. People studying parapsychology take courses in various areas to help focus their knowledge.

One area of coursework typically details the history behind parapsychology, including the study of world beliefs, religions, and mythology. These courses are essential for helping us learn about unexplainable phenomena that have been detailed and documented throughout human existence.

Students in parapsychology will also spend time studying courses in metaphysics. This is a branch of philosophy that details the understanding of abstract concepts such as being, knowing, time, and space. In other words, metaphysics involves studying the concepts used to define our existence and perception of reality. This is important for being able to understand and study specific parapsychological cases.

Many programs will also supplement these with courses that detail some concepts from traditional psychology, such as understanding how the brain works and what is not fully understood about the brain’s anatomy and physiology.

Finally, students in online parapsychology bachelor’s degree programs will study courses that detail more intense dynamics of parapsychology. Such as examining psychic communication, extrasensory perception, and other phenomena.

Below are examples of course titles that students in a parapsychology bachelor’s degree program may take:

  • World Myths & Beliefs
  • Esoteric Traditions
  • Human Consciousness
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Spiritual Science

Of course, these are examples, and specific courses will vary from program to program. Additionally, a bachelor’s degree in parapsychology typically involves approximately 120 to 130 credits on average. Thus, you will be taking many more courses than just these examples.

Bachelor in Parapsychology Programs – Career

Parapsychology is a highly specialized discipline; thus, your career will also be particular in this area. However, there are a few potential career paths for people who study parapsychology.

Many parapsychologists will find themselves engaged in academic research. Typically, they work at a university providing a parapsychology degree through teaching and engaging in research. Other researchers may opt to work with a private research facility specializing in parapsychology research.

Those who take a different career path have various opportunities, including paranormal investigator, paranormal tour guide, cryptozoologist, or parapsychologist. Some of these careers require additional graduate study after earning a bachelor’s.

How to Choose the Best Online Degrees for Parapsychology Programs

When searching for the best online degrees in parapsychology programs, there are several things to consider. The first thing that a student should do is to verify whether the courses are offered fully online or if the degree is only partially online.

Additionally, students should look at the admission requirements to see if they meet them. Cost is undoubtedly a consideration for many people, so comparing tuition costs between institutions and any other required fees will help people make decisions based on financial situations.

Of course, the academic quality of a program is important as well. Students should compare the types of courses offered in different curricula and ensure that they overlap with their interests and goals. Researching faculty credentials can also be useful when deciding between programs.

In summary, the following are things that students may want to consider:

  • Is the program fully online?
  • What are the admission requirements?
  • What is the tuition?
  • Are there other fees?
  • Do the courses meet your desired area of study?
  • What are faculty qualifications?

FAQ About Parapsychology Degrees

Q: How can I get a degree in parapsychology?

A: Many graduate degrees are offered in parapsychology; however, the number of bachelor’s degrees is much smaller. Still, several quality programs offer a bachelor’s degree in parapsychology, many of them online. Simply find a program that fits your needs and apply.

Q: Is there study after a bachelor’s degree?

A: Many people may only want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the discipline without further study. However, these are opportunities to continue studying in the field after you receive your bachelor’s. These include more in-depth experiences in things like experimental research and behavior analysis.

Q: Can I get a job working in parapsychology?

A: Getting a job in parapsychology typically involves working in research or as a paranormal investigator. Networking is an important component of identifying jobs, so building relationships with peers in your online classes and professors will help you identify opportunities once you graduate.

Q: Is parapsychology a worthwhile field?

A: Yes, parapsychology is a field that draws a great deal of interest from those wanting to understand better and investigate phenomena that are not currently scientifically understood. Many people find it a very rewarding career that they make a life’s passion.

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