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Best Online Educational Leadership Doctoral Programs

If you’re looking to advance your career in educational leadership, then an online Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership may be perfect for you. With flexible scheduling, convenience, and affordability, these online doctoral programs will provide you with all the tools and resources needed to excel. If you are considering taking the next step in your educational career and want to deepen your knowledge of educational leadership, consider one of these top online doctoral programs.

What Is an Online Ph.D. Program in Educational Leadership?

An online Ph.D. Program in Educational Leadership is a convenient and cost-efficient way to earn your Doctor of Philosophy degree in educational leadership. These programs are typically structured to allow you to learn on your own time, at your own pace, and from any location.

Coursework typically includes:

  • Courses in pedagogy and curriculum development.
  • Instructional technology.
  • Research methods for educational leaders.
  • Organizational behavior theory.

In addition to coursework, students will likely be required to complete a dissertation or research project to demonstrate their mastery of the program material.

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership Online?

On average, it takes three to four years to complete an online Ph.D. Program in Educational Leadership. However, the exact timeline depends on the individual’s specific program requirements and could be shorter or longer depending on the student.

Additionally, students may opt for a faster track if they can devote more time to studying and completing the required projects and coursework.

What Can I Expect From an Online Ph.D. Program in Educational Leadership?

A quality online Ph.D. Program in Educational Leadership will offer the opportunity to comprehensively understand educational practices, theories, and research methodologies.

Students should expect to build their knowledge base through coursework and research projects, typically culminating in a dissertation or other capstone project.

Coursework may also include topics related to organizational leadership, curriculum development, instructional technologies and techniques, data analysis, teaching philosophies and approaches, and other current trends in the field of education.

Many programs also focus on developing soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking to help graduates excel in their future roles as educational leaders.

Is an online Ph.D. Program in Educational Leadership Worth It?

Yes, an online Ph.D. Program in Educational Leadership can be an excellent option for students who want to pursue advanced studies in educational leadership without having to make the time or financial commitment of attending a traditional program.

An online program gives you the flexibility and convenience to study on your schedule and from anywhere with an internet connection while still providing a high-quality education that employers respect. Completing a doctoral program provides career advancement opportunities and increased earning potential.

What Can I Do With a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership?

With a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, you can pursue careers in school leadership, such as becoming a principal or working at the district level as a superintendent or other executive role. College and university faculty roles are also possible, where you could teach classes or conduct research.

In addition, educational administration and policy development can be an option for those interested in creating and implementing strategies to improve the quality of education systems.

Curriculum design and evaluation is another potential career path that looks into designing instruction plans that consider various stakeholders’ needs and assess their effectiveness.

Lastly, educational research offers opportunities to study and evaluate outcomes related to educational learning programs and curricula.

Online vs. On-Campus Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership: Which Is Better?

Choosing between an online Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership or an on-campus program can be difficult, as each option has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

ONLINE Ph.D. Program


  • The convenience of studying from anywhere, anytime
  • Lower cost than traditional on-campus courses
  • Flexible schedule for studying and completing coursework


  • Lack of access to campus resources or faculty in person
  • Limited social interaction with other students
  • Potentially more distractions when studying off campus

ON-CAMPUS Ph.D. Program


  • Access to faculty in person for guidance
  • Opportunities for networking and making connections
  • Dedicated support services such as career counseling and research assistance
  • Social interaction with other students


  • Higher cost than online programs
  • Fixed class times may not fit easily into a busy schedule
  • Limited access to course materials from off-campus locations

Admission Requirements for Online Ph.D. Programs in Educational Leadership

Generally, the following documents and materials are needed to apply to an online Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership:

What Do You Need to Apply?

  • A current resume/CV
  • Official transcripts from all attended institutions
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Copies of relevant professional or research experience
  • Statement of purpose outlining individual academic interests and research experience
  • GRE scores (or other standardized tests required by the institution)
  • For international students, TOEFL scores may be required

How Do I Choose an Online Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership?

When considering an online Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership, there are a few essential factors to consider:


The average cost of an online doctoral program in Educational Leadership is around $25,000-$50,000. Be sure to evaluate the total cost of an individual program based on tuition rates and fees, as well as other related expenses such as textbooks or lab fees, if applicable.


The duration of the program can vary depending on the institution and program type (accelerated or traditional). Generally, a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership takes three to five years to complete when studying full-time.

Program Format

It’s crucial to ensure that the online program offers courses that fit your schedule and learning preferences (e.g., synchronous or asynchronous).

Career Opportunities

It is also essential to understand what career opportunities will be available upon graduation from the program and any placements or networking events the university offers.

Program Accreditation

Lastly, ensure that the online Ph.D. program is accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting institution, such as CHEA, or regional accreditation bodies like SACS or NWCCU.

Are there scholarships available?

Many online Ph.D. programs in Educational Leadership offer scholarships and other financial aid to help students cover tuition and other related expenses.

Be sure to check with the school for details on eligibility criteria and application deadlines for these types of awards. Additionally, you can find external funding sources, such as grants or private donors, through organizations like the Foundation Center or FastWeb.

What type of experience do I need for admission?

Admission to an online Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership typically requires a master’s degree from an accredited institution, a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher, and relevant professional experiences such as teaching or research. Additionally, many programs require applicants to submit GRE scores and letters of recommendation from former professors or supervisors.

What type of jobs can I get after graduation?

Graduates with a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership may pursue careers such as postsecondary education administrators, K-12 school administrators, educational consultants, curriculum developers, and more. Additionally, many graduates choose to pursue higher-level teaching positions or research roles. Graduates may also be qualified to start educational consulting firms.

Can I transfer credits from other institutions?

Some schools may accept up to 12 credits of transferable coursework, depending on the institution’s policies. Check with your school for more details on their transfer credit policy. Additionally, some accredited universities offer dual-degree programs, which allow students to combine multiple degrees or certifications in a single program.

What types of courses will I take?

The course curriculum for an online Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership may vary by institution; however, most programs offer core classes like Education Research Methods, Curriculum Design and Analysis, Ethics and Law in Education, School Leadership, and Educational Change. Additionally, many programs offer elective courses such as Organizational Psychology or Conflict Resolution.


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